Cooperative Extension Service
University of California
4-H Youth Dog Care Project

This form should be included in the Project Record Section of the 4-H Achievement Record Book

Dog Project Record


Name _________________________________________________ Age _____

Address _________________________________________________________

Club ______________________________ County ________________________

Name of parent or guardian ___________________________________________

Name of dog project leader ___________________________________________

Number of calendar years in 4-H Club Work including this year ________________

List other projects completed this year ___________________________________

Information About Your Dog

 My dog's name is  Sex
 Breed  Purebred  Crossbred
 Is your dog registered in  American Kennel Club  American Field
 Dog's age  Year of Birth  Month/Day
 Date of:
 Distemper Shots  Rabies Shot  Hepatitis Shot
 Date project was started  
 Date project was completed  

I _____ My parents _____ own the dog (check one)

Attach a photo of you and your dog

4-H Project Plan

Project _____________________________ Year:______________________


What I want to do and learn in this project (goals):



How I plan to reach my goal:



Resources I can use (money, supplies, equipment, help from others, etc.):



Signed: _________________________________

4-H Member



Project Plan Evaluation

What I did:



I feel I met my goals (or did not meet my goals) because:



Resources I used (money, supplies, equipment, help from others, etc.):



Other things I would like to do (future goals):



Signed: _________________________________

4-H Member



Monthly Record

   Month 1  Month 2  Month 3  Month 4  Month 5  Month 6
 Hours spent            

Record of Veterinary and Other Expenses

 Date  Cost  Description

Total Record of Income

If you raised puppies for sale, made money caring for other people's dogs, or received prize money, list below.

 Amount  Source of Income

Record of Training of Dog

Check commands that your dog obeys and tricks that it has learned. List any additional commands, tricks or stunts.
 Commands   Tricks
 Heel on leash    Sit Up  
 Heel off leash    Play Catch  
 Come when called    Carry  
 Sit    Fetch  
 Sit and Stay    Roll Over  
 Lie Down    Jump  
 Down and Stay    Don't touch it  
 Other    Other  

Did you and your dog attend and graduate from an obedience training class?


 In what way did you exhibit your dog?
 Bench Show  Club Tour
 Sanctioned match  Inspection
 Obedience Trial  Field Trial
 County 4-H  Stock Dog Demonstration

Exhibit Record
 Name of Show  Date  Class  Number in Class Placing

Other 4-H Club Activities

List below things which you did in your local club, county, district, or state, in addition to your dog project.

1. Number of meetings your club held _____ Number you attended _____

2. List the titles of the talks, demonstrations, musical numbers and readings you have given before your local club this year.

3. What office did you hold in your local 4-H club or in the county or state?

4. What other activities did you take part in this year?

5. Demonstrations given at Fair or other occasion?

The Story of Your Project

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