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OK, so we're using Google Photo Galleries

Heck, they work & they're free - anything to get the job done! 

It's not easy to take photos when you're riding, and many times you're not able to take shots from the saddle while riding down the trail.  But each time we do make the effort, it helps to make a great memory to share with all !

Photo Galleries

Check out this link to Solei's photos

Poppy Trail
Tonto National Forest
March 2008


Photo Galleries

One way to share is to take pictures & let you see things as we do.  We're not sure how often we'll make a gallery, or what might turn up , , ,  but we hope you enjoy our snaps!


April 2008   Ride into the Tonto with Carm, Cathy & Sue


May 8 2008 Ride into the Tonto with Sue, Lynn, Norma & Carm


June 2008 Ride with Sue, Gail & Carm

March 2009   Ride into the Tonto with Carm, Carmen, Cathy  & Connie


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