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From left to right  Heading out in March of 2008: Gail on Dayla, Sue on Jacob, Carm on Miss Triton, Dawn on Skye. Not shown - Solei on Allie 'cause she took the photo !  See all of Solei's  photos - Click HERE

There are plenty of equine websites out there but  OUR focus is on women - a bit older & wiser - yet still in the saddle and determined to stay there! 

What do we do?
We live in New River, Arizona and ride the trails.  The Tonto National Forest & surrounding Sonora Desert is not for the meek.  If we can still get out there on a regular basis, maybe we can encourage others to live their horse dreams too

So what does this site offer?  
Our unique perspective  -  what we know,  what works, some how to's and advise, a couple of stories, and whatever else we think is important.  You know women, we always change our minds!  Most of all, we want to share our love with YOU


INTRODUCTION: About that song....
  Was there REALLY an Old Gray Mare ?   The Old Gray Mare Song, a Famous Old Gray Mare and more ! . . . CLICK HERE


  When you think you can't do it, or life is too hard, think about our little group because believe me, we're not just a bunch of happy go lucky ladies with nothing better to do than ride our horses and eat bon-bons . . . CLICK HERE

  Only a woman would think of that & other helpful articles   CLICK HERE


s Make your ride dates as if you were making an important APPOINTMENT Include the date, time, meeting place & plan your ride route.  Make it a strictly kept, non-negotiable part of your weekly schedule then DO it !

s Get a group of at least 2-6 friends / riders to make the same APPOINTMENT. That way, if one or more can't make it, someone DOES go ride.  Knowing that part of your group IS riding every week is a huge motivation.  

s Ride using the Universal Rule of Trail Riding.  That means that the group rides at the level of the LEAST skilled rider in the group.  No exceptions 

s Safety first - in all aspects of riding.  The goal is to KEEP riding so injuries to humans and horses are to be painstakingly avoided.  While feelings can be hurt, they mend much quicker than broken body parts.

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